Friday, May 20, 2011


Circus Time
The Big Top came to our little town of Centerburg.  
It was a nice little circus.  
Here are some pictures of the big event.  
Kelly Miller Circus  
They do 2 shows everyday of the year.
It was a 1 ring event and looked just like you were right in the middle of the movie Dumbo.
The only things missing were the animals on the train and a flying elephant.
Other than that, it was just like the movie.
It was amazing all the set up they had to do just for one day.
You can check out the Kelly Miller Circus at

Top of one of the tents.
The elephant raising the tent.
Teachers brought the kids out to watch the tent being raised in the morning.
Ryan and I couldn't miss all the fun.  We got dressed and went and watched.
They only use the female elephants to raise the big top because they are smarter.
Of course, maybe the males are smarter because they know how to get out of work.  

Tiger show.  

A camel sticking out their tongue and giving me the crazy eyes.  

My nephews, Grant and Alex riding the elephant.  

The elephant show.

A good time was had by all! 

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