Thursday, August 18, 2011


Mc Dazzle
Our friends Steve and Val Thatcher invited us to a 
charity event for the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington, KY.
Here we are posing with Ronald himself.  
He was actually really funny.  

Steve and Val Thatcher


  1. Shelly, you look really good! So does Scott. I like your hair!

  2. Thanks! I am down 80 from my highest and 40 since having Ryan. Scott has lost 30.

  3. I didn't know you all were in Lexington!!!!

  4. It was a last minute thing. Like found out that day. We stayed one night and left the next morning. Quick trip. One of these days though we are going to stop in and see your babies. I would love to coordinate it when your mom is in town. :o) We drive though Lex to get to Scott's mom and dad's house in Springfield.

  5. She'll be here in the last weekend in Oct. for Mason's Bday and then again in Feb for Michael's :)