Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Fun!

Here are a few pictures of our summer.  
 The summer started with our annual birthday lunch with my mom to celebrate her birthday.  
 We drive the 1941 Model A Ford to Grandville to eat at the Grandville Inn.  Of course we wave at every one we see.
 USA Days fun at the park with Jake.
 Fourth of July
 Parade Fun!
 We went to North Carolina to visit friends.  The kids are shooting the falls at Hooker Falls where they shot the 1st Hunger Games.
 Of course we couldn't go to North Carolina Without taking pictures.  Check out  http://www.billiemitchellphotography.com.  She does outstanding work and has such a gorgeous model, Olivia.
 More photography fun!
 Cedar Point
 Chuck E. Cheese fun
 Paintball with cousins.
 Iowa State Fair
 Farming at the Iowa State Fair
Ryan turned 4 of August 12th. 

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