Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Yes, Olivia is driving on the road.  Now I know you are wondering, when did the twins turn 16?  They are not 16, they are 14.  Iowa law say they can learn to drive at 14.  I know you are thinking, "WHAT?!!! That is too young to drive!" Well, think back.  How old were you when you started driving on the road? I was 14 when my dad started to teach me how to drive.  Scott and I also figure the more they drive with us the better they will be at 16 when they can drive on their own.  They are also currently enrolled with the Drive With Cops program.  Cops are the ones teaching them to drive the right way.  Notice I do not have a picture on Ethan.  I do not allow him to drive with me in the car.  He is HORRIBLE and I want to live.  LOL!   He is learning.  Hopefully by the time they finish drivers ed they will both be better than they are now.  

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