Friday, June 3, 2011


Famous Ohioan
Drew Carey
In 4th grade the students have to do research on a famous Ohioan. 
Ethan picked Drew Carey.  
Ethan is so funny but he doesn't show that side of himself often.
I think it was a perfect pick for him.    
Below is Ethan's speech about Drew.  

Hello, my name is Drew Carey.  I am from Cleveland, Ohio.
I was born on May 23, 1958.
I am still living.
I am famous because I have my own shows and I am a comedian.
Two interesting things you may not know about me is
I competed in the WWF 30 man rumble and I have an honorary PhD from
Cleveland State University.  

Isn't he handsome?  

Drew giving my mom an autograph.
He actually signed it Drew Carey.  

Drew with his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Maurer.
He is now taller than her.  

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  1. He IS handsome! I learned something from Ethan's report...didn't know Drew had a honorary PHD.