Monday, June 27, 2011


Parade Fun!
My dad turned his old work truck into a parade truck. 
Every year we ride on the back and throw candy.  
This is at the USA Days in Centerburg, OH on
June 25th.

Luke Holsopple, Ethan, and Kaleb Holsopple
Three boys up to no good!  

Olivia and Luke.
Luke actually leaned in.
Olivia was on cloud nine all day.
Olivia thinks Luke is cute.  :o)

Jillian McDougal, Alaina Wright, Emma Bentz, Gavin Wright, and Tracy Wright.
Friends of Olivia's.

Grant, Alex, and Jake Hayden, my nephews!
Look at those smiles!
Fun, Fun, Fun!

Everyone on the truck.
It was a full house! 

Kaleb and Ethan.
Picture of the mirror.  


  1. I LOVE it! Your pics are the BEST EVER!

  2. kaleb and luke r at my school...kaleb is in my class