Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I know I have been posting a lot of Ryan pictures but he is doing 
such cute things while the big
kids are at school.  
Plus how can I deny you such cuteness.
The first word out of Ryan's mouth in the morning is not Mommy,
it is EeeeA (which is what he calls Olivia).
He knows if he yells for her she will come rescue him out of the evil
clutches of the crib.
Those are 2 happy faces.

Olivia is such a good big sister.
I am glad she wished on that star for me to have a baby.
Ryan has truly blessed our family in more ways than one.
I am glad God gave him to us and let me carry him even when it was a medical impossibility.
All my kids are my little miracles.  


  1. That is so precious. Never get tired of seeing cute baby pictures. :)