Friday, March 11, 2011


Fourth Grade Pioneer Projects
Ethan's Porject
Flat River Boat
Ethan has a horse and some pigs on his boat.
He has a barrel for water, some hay for the animals, a water tough that you can't see.
His little man likes to fish so he made a fishing pole and a fish in case the man gets hungry.
There is a fence dividing the space between the man and the animals.
He really thought out the details of his project and wanted to still add things before I made him stop and go to bed.
All the figures were made out of Model Magic Fusion by Crayola.
My kids love to make things out of Model Magic.
The clay is soft and air dries.  Very easy to use and kid friendly.

Ethan's man.
(I helped a little bit on this one.)
Horse in case you couldn't tell.  I made the head.  Ethan was
having trouble with the head.
Pigs and little man Olivia made.  I love the little pig on the right.  He has a cute smile.
Olivia's Flat River Boat.
Olivia saw Ethan making his boat and wanted to join in on the fun.
She ended up doing 2 projects.  This is her second project.
In case you can't tell she has a bucket of milk from the cow and a fish the man caught
during his free time, also straw, corn, and water for the animals to drink.
I love the detail she put into her extra project.

Olivia's actual project.
A Patchwork Quilt Pillow
Olivia and I cut the fabric together and she sewed it on her sewing machine she got a few
years a go for Christmas.  She has taken several sewing classes at Joanne Fabrics.
I am sure it should have been hand stitched but she is just like her mother
and she likes electric and things that use electric.
She didn't know why they wouldn't have used a sewing machine in the first place.
I did make her hand sew some of it but neither one of us had enough
patience to hand sew the whole thing.  


  1. These are all awesome! Very creative little people. I wonder where they got that from? :)

  2. It was really hard to hold back. I wanted to do the whole project myself. I am thankful they let me do as much as I did. :O)