Monday, March 14, 2011


Daddy's Little Helper
In our house Scott does the laundry.
I know what you are thinking...
How did I manage to get a man who does all the laundry?
Well, it is easy.
I use to do the laundry but then he would tell me I was doing the laundry wrong.  
He would re-hang everything, not like the way I sorted it or loaded the washer, and
heaven forbid I leave it in the dryer too long UGH!
Well, if you know me well, you know that I simply said that
if you can do better, then you do the laundry.
He has done our laundry for 15 years now.
I think he knows not to complain about something if he knows what is good
for him.  HeeHee 
Ryan's favorite thing to do when Scott does the laundry is he runs and gets his stool,
sets it up in front of the dryer and Scott hands him the clothes and he
puts them in the washer.  It is the cutest thing ever! 
In this picture Ryan is taking the stuff out of the washer and handing it to Scott to put in the dryer.
Ryan hears the washer beep and he runs into the laundry room to help out.
He likes to be daddy's little helper.

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  1. This is so precious. They are so cute at this age.