Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I enjoyed the Things I Loved series but I am glad it is over. 
Here is the cutest Darth Vader EVER!  
I wish the picture had sound because he growls when he has the mask on 
because he is trying to scare you.  
E and O would put this on and he would scream and run
in fear.  Now he thinks it is funny to run around and scare them. 
They play along of course. 


"Don't be scared it is just me, Ryan."

"Grrr... Scaring people is so much fun!"


  1. Can you send these to me on email? Kaleb wants me to print them out for his photo book!

  2. I always wish I had sound with the pictures that I take of him too. He makes the funniest noises. :)