Monday, February 28, 2011


Day 28 of Things I Love
This is the last day of the Things I Love series.  YIPEEE!
Picture provided by Billie Mitchell Photography.
Click HERE to go to her website.
In the background is the Big Blue Truck.  This truck was my dad's
work truck for years.  It hauled his bulldozer to and from jobs everyday.
When my dad decided to retire he couldn't part with Ole Blue because we would clean it up
every 4th of July and throw candy off the back.  It became a family tradition.
Dad took off the old dozer bed and converted it into a parade truck.
You can find us every 4th of July in the Centerburg and Sunbury parades.  We can also be seen
at the Old Time Farming Festival Parade the 3rd week in September.


  1. SO glad we took these pictures last summer!

  2. I still can't believe that we were able to capture this picture.