Sunday, February 6, 2011


Day 6 of things I love.

I collect paperweights, but not just any paperweights.
I don't like ones with flowers, fish, butterflies, sea horses,
etc... in them.  I like swirls and color.
These are just a few of my collection.  

Karg is on of my favorite paperweight artist.  
I like how Karg twists the
glass to make swirls and bubbles so I gave it a try.
I own 5 Karg paperweights.
Karg did not make this one...
I did.
My sister Jill and I took a class at 
Glass Axis in Columbus a few years ago to learn
how to make our own paperweights.  This is my design I came up with inspired by Karg. 

Dale Chihuly is another glass artist who inspires me.
I love the movement of the glass he can accomplish.
I know what you are thinking...
Did I make this?
This is not a real Chihuly.
I can not justify spending a few thousand dollars
on a piece of glass to put in my house that there is a chance
a kid will break.
This is a vase I bought at...
Are you ready???
The price was $9.99.  The sticker is still on the bottom.
It doesn't matter to me that it is not a "real" Chihuly.  I still like it. 

Bellagio Casino in Vegas has an awesome Chihuly display on their
ceiling.  This is a picture I took of the ceiling in the Bellagio lobby.
If you are ever in Vegas you need to check it out!
It truly is amazing and this picture does not do it justice. 


  1. Very cool. Thanks for the education about glass too:) YOu are do multi-talented Shelly! Very Neat!

  2. You are so welcome, Sue. I love GLASS!

  3. They have a Chihuly display in the ceiling like that at Franklin Park Conservatory too. I think I have a similar picture somewhre on my computer. It's so pretty.

  4. Sweet pictures. The colors are amazing! Those could totally be printed, framed, and hung for artwork on the wall.