Monday, February 21, 2011


Day 21 Of Things I Love
My Couch
This picture does not really do the couch justice.
 It was hard to get the lighting right and my camera set right because I was using my Nikon point and shoot.
It does not let me custom change things.
Basically I was too lazy to change the lens on my camera to the regular one.
(Scott, if you are reading this, it is a hint that I need a lens like the one Billie currently has on her camera.  Hint Hint)
The couch is chocolate with lime green pillows.


  1. Ooo,ahh,wow! I love it. I bet it's comfy! Like the picture on the wall too! Is that fabric you put on a frame?

  2. Very subtle Shelly! LOL I love those end tables that Scott bought too. If you ever get tired of them let me know.

  3. Shen - The painting is an actual print I bought.

    Billie- Heeheehee The end tables were bought off of Craig's List for $25 when he lived in Phoenix. I like them too. :o)

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I like it. Yea, the pillows are definately not lime green in the pictures. I bet it's gorgeous!