Monday, February 14, 2011


Day 14 of the Things I Love 

Todays picture would have been a picture of my Dyson.  
Its name is Bob Frank Yakatori.

We like to name things that we love in our house.  
Olivia liked the name Yakatori and wanted up to name Ryan that. 
We said NO! So we named the sweeper.  
Bob and Frank?  Who knows?  Ethan came up with Bob and Olivia yelled Frank so there
you go... Bob Frank Yakatori was adopted on Mother's Day last year.

Bob came to live with us a year ago.  
Our carpets have never been cleaner because he really sucks.  HAHA 


  1. You are so funny Shelly. Can't wait to meet Bob:) Good luck on your computer issues. Not your mac I hope??

  2. Yes, my Mac. boohoohoo. Good thing is it is like a brand new computer now. :o)

  3. I need a new vacuum. Mine is making very strange noises.