Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Day 15 of Things I Love
Honda Odyssey

When the twins were born Scott said we should think about getting a mini van.
I said, HECK NO! I do not drive mini vans.  
I am a truck/SUV person not a MV which is what I called them because 
I even refused to say the word 
Anyway, when the twins were 5 months old Scott took me to dealerships to look at, 
you guessed it MINI VANS.
Needless to say I was not happy.  
I pouted and refused to act interested until...
he took me to the Honda dealership and had me drive the Odyssey.
All I told him was that if he was going to make me drive a MV then it would have to be the Honda.  
He bought Vannie, a 2001 silver Honda Odyssey the next day.  
We had Vannie for almost 10 years before she went to Junk Yard Heaven.  
Vannie had 215,000 miles on her before she got rear ended in December. 
We now have a newer Odyssey which we named Winnie.
Like I said in a previous post we like to name the things we love in our house.  

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